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Sweatbands have become a pinnacle part of the sports industry. Originally, sweatbands were conceived precisely for the purpose labeled. They were intended as a way for champion athletes to rid themselves of excess perspiration. During a sporting event or a physical exercise of endurance sweat drips from the body, often profusely. A quick wipe of the forehead with a the back of a wristband and the buildup can be diminished. Headbands can also stop sweat dripping down the face altogether. Now, the use of sweatbands has evolved far beyond this primary function. Indeed sweatbands are as much a fashion accessory as they are a functioning piece of kit.

This is never more clear than when examining the use of custom sweatbands. Custom sweatbands may be used primarily in the sporting industry, but they serve other purposes as well. Although originally conceptualized as a way to keep sweat from vital parts of the body, custom headbands and wristbands are now commonly used for promotional purposes. Governments, charities, and many different organization use sweatbands for promotion or to build awareness. Indeed the sweatband has grown to be nothing short of a marketing phenomenon.

Popularity Of Custom Sweatbands

Why are sweatbands so incredibly popular? To understand this, we need to examine the manufacturing process and more specifically, the costs. Businesses and organizations do not want to waste excessive amounts of funds on marketing and promotion. Instead, they would rather keep costs at a minimal level. This presents an issue when choosing to initiate a promotional campaign based around the concept of merchandise. To do this, business owners and corporations need to invest in the merch first. The ideal scenario would be merchandise that is cheap to buy, stylish to wear an inexpensive to produce. Promotional sweatbands manage to tick off all these boxes. Other products are either too expensive, too elaborate to construct or not attractive enough for consumers.

Notably, the price was a major factor during the conception of the Make Poverty History Campaign. Campaigners decided to use silicone wristbands, cutting costs and maximizing the power of their message. They worked to ensure that as many people as possible could afford the purchase of a charity wristband.

Historical evidence reveals that headbands date back as far as 340 BC. Indeed, famous philosophers such as Plato was thought to have rocked a headband back in his day. More recently, of course, headbands have been used primarily for sports. In particular, headbands are intended to reduce the risk of excessive levels of sweat falling on the face of athletes. The sweat is soaked up by the headband before it reaches the face. Many athletes also use headbands to keep sweat-soaked hair away from their eyes. Although arguably, sweatbands have not been popular in sports since the late 1970s many players such as Lebron James still wear them.


Custom sweatbands have also been used by other athletes on the arms and wrists. Most notably, Tennis players tend to wear one sweatband on each wrist. This helps them maintain ample amount of grip on their racket without getting slippery hands. It also stops wrist muscles facing intense strain due to swift movements of the arm. In other sports, sweatbands are worn purely as an accessory with no specific functional use. This tends to be the case when the sweatband is worn higher up on the arm, away from the wrist.

While sweatbands do suffer through the same trends of fashion as any other item, they are still popular today. However, rather than purchasing pre-made sweatbands, most buyers select custom designs.

Custom Designs

Sweatbands are can be produced and designed in a variety of different forms. Interested parties can purchase sweatbands for their wrists, head, arms or hands. It depends largely, on the function and the use required. For instance, sprinters often use hand bands due to the fact they have no desire nor a reason to keep their hands free running.

Sweatbands may be customized with different patterns, styles et cetera. For instance, custom sweatbands might be purchased with embroidered patterns. These stunning designs are more complex to produce but stand out on the fields. They are certainly more eye-catching than the typical one or two color band. Unique patterns are common with checkered styles for some headbands and zigzag lines for the custom wristbands worn.  There will be increased turnaround times for sweatbands with more elaborate style choices. Headbands and wristbands with extensive designs may also be more expensive to purchase.

This is one of the key reasons why for promotion purposes buyers focus on prints. Sweatbands with printed designs or often cheaper and easier to produce. There is considerably less effort in producing a sweatband with a print such as a product logo. This type of branding on logo sweatbands is incredibly popular, particularly during sponsored events such as charity runs. Runners and sprinters will commonly wear custom bands to promote a team or a company.

The custom sweatband can include an image, logo or complete product placement. Generally, it depends on the wishes and requirements of the buyer. Although most investors want their sweatbands to be eye-catching as possible. Particularly, if they are being used to promote a charitable cause or even a private company. The whole purpose of custom sweatbands is for them to be worn and seen.

More recently sweatbands have been designed and made with a website or Twitter handle on the fabric. The hope is that other people will see the handle and research it at a later stage online. In doing so, this draws attention to the company and expands an offline marketing campaign online.

Aside from the functional uses in sports and as a typical form of promotion, sweatbands have several other key uses.

Other Uses Of Custom Sweatbands

Teams often purchase custom sweatbands to show both team spirit and unity. This is notably common in both professional and amateur sports tournament. It is not uncommon for coaches to spend money to ensure that all players have the same kit, including sweatbands. Many people believe there is a psychological advantage to this type of dress code. School principals often present the reason for a uniform as the desire to create a sense of unity between pupils. On the sports ground, it is used to demonstrate that each member is working towards the same goal. Undoubtedly, there is a stylistic element at play here too. It also helps players recognize others on their team on a playing field where the situation can be disorientating and confusing. Players certainly want to avoid passing to an opposing team player and an inopportune moment.

Companies and organization may also give sweatbands away as a free gift or an add-on to a separate item. This is quite a common marketing tactic, used primarily by major companies that can afford the additional cost. Many marketers believe this type of promotion is worth the loss as it is often seen as a form of marketing that pays for itself. Once buyers start wearing the sweatbands, they are promoting the company without a form of sponsorship. Essentially, it is free publicity for the business, corporation or charity in question.

Commonly businesses also use promotional items like sweatbands to provide marketing for a business partner. This is usually to ensure they live up to a contract devised by a separate business. They can ensure the second company receives recognition without taking large costs on for their business.

Sweatbands have also been used as a form of commercial memorabilia and not just at sporting events. It is common to find sweatbands on sales at music events as well any other, form of entertainment showcase. These items are used purely as a way to remember an event and demonstrate to other people that they attended.

It is true to say that many people do not purchase sweatbands for a specific team or promotional purpose. Instead, they are used purely as an item for personal style. If athletes want to stand out on the field, they might get their own sweatbands custom made with a unique design. It is difficult to ascertain how many athletes have taken this option. However, many certainly like displaying and wear a specific color on their bands while performing. Some are also known to favor distinct patterns.


To conclude, what started as a common sports accessory has now transcended into a key marketing tool. While sweatbands may still be used on the sports fields and courts, their primary function may not be what it first appear. Indeed, we may see players wiping their brow with the band, but look closer and there will be a message, image or logo. No doubt highlighting the players support for a promotion, company or cause.

Furthermore, sweatbands have been used for several notable charitable causes in the past, including breast cancer awareness. While different types of sweatbands have drifted in and out of style, overall they are still as popular as they ever were. For athletes, teenager and students they are either a key piece of kit and a fashion accessory, or a cool way to send a message.