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Headbands are great to use at sporting events. Athletes that play tennis, basketball, soccer, and many other sports all use head sweatbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes. Head bands are available in shades of colors such as…

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Headbands and Physical Activity

Getting tired of that sweat rolling into your eyes? That burning feeling? It’s annoying when playing a sport or doing anything physical for that matter to keep having to wipe your forehead because sweat is on the prowl. In many sports your vision is vital. If you lose it for even a second than you may cost your team the game, which is why it is important to take preventative action against sweat. You’ve came to to right place because now you can buy your favorite colored headbands and also avoid sweat from ruining your game.

Buy Plain Headbands or Design Custom Headbands.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or play sports for leisure, equipping yourself with the necessary items is crucial for both comfort and performance. However, it’s not all about choosing the right footwear. Your base layer of clothing is immensely important; for many sports enthusiasts, a suitable headband can become a crucial addition.

It might be a seemingly small investment, but a sports headband can enhance those physical activities in a variety of different manners. If you’re looking at buying one in the near future, here’s everything you need to know.

History Of Sports Headbands

The headband itself has existed since ancient Greek and Roman periods, where they were often a major element in big celebrations and occasions. The fashion accessory has always been a useful tool for keeping hair away from the wearer’s eyes, additionally offering protection against adverse weather conditions.

However, the headband also boasts a rich history in the world of sport. Rather than simply keeping hair away, the sporty version of the product offers a host of benefits. Primarily, it soaks up sweat and will help regulate body temperature. This additionally prevents sweat and chemicals from hair products running into the wearer’s eyes.

Neon Headbands - Great for 80s parties!
Neon Headbands – Great for 80s parties!

Ultimately, this can have a huge impact on comfort levels throughout those exercises. Moreover, they support the battle against acne breakouts and various other skin irritations. Those antiperspirant properties can also aid performance too, which is an advantage that every sports enthusiast will be eager to embrace.

Headbands have been utilized by athletes from a variety of backgrounds but, while introduced to several sports, basketball arguably boasts the greatest relationship with these products – at least at the elite level. In fact, they’ve been a common feature for virtually the entire 70-year period that the NBA has existed.

The basic concepts of those products haven’t changed drastically over the years, but that hasn’t prevented the headband from retaining its status as one of the most important accessories for athletes in a number of sports. Given their affordability, wearing them is hardly limited to professionals either. Quite frankly, even the most casual participant can make good use of the item.

High-quality sports headbands are an ideal way to add a little extra comfort to exercise, and that can make all the difference when looking for those marginal gains. If nothing else, they can certainly help the wearer stand out from the crowd too.

Who Wears Them Now?

In truth, a lot of sports accessories go unnoticed by the public eye. This is especially true when dealing with products that sit underneath a team kit or covered by other clothing. However, the sports headband is one of the few that makes a genuine impact on an athlete’s appearance too.

Lebron James wearing headbandsAt the elite level, some athletes are known for wearing those headbands. In many cases, they are adorned for aesthetic purposes just as much as the practical gains. NBA superstar LeBron James, for example, is instantly recognizable from his stylish bands. The headband might not be quite as common as they were back in the 1970s and 80s, but several other stars are known to wear them too.

Tennis players on both the men’s and women’s tours often don headbands too, with Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal being amongst the biggest names. Aside from completing their respective looks while offering advantages to their performance, this can become part of their rituals too. Let’s face it; doing the same processes over and over can help you gain control over those exercises. Regarding mental attitude, those influences can be monumental.

Other athletes from the realms of running and racquet sports while variations can be seen in various martial arts. They’re still a regular feature in the world of professional sport. In the amateur game, they are arguably more accessible and more popular than ever.

Variance From Wristbands

The function of a high-quality headband isn’t far different from a sports wristband. At their core, both types of bands are used as a practical tool for fighting sweat and perspiration. However, there are some clear differences between the two.

colored sports wristbandsA sweatband on the wrist is probably more practical when aiming to keep hands dry. However, headbands are a far better option when your focus is on the forehead. Likewise, if you’re holding onto something, such as a ball, you aren’t able to wipe your forehead anyway. Therefore, choosing a combination of the two is often best for tennis and basketball stars.

Meanwhile, runners can find that wiping their head with their wrist can break the stride. It’s far easier to let the headband absorb the sweat so that it’s easier to maintain focus on the task at hand – quite frankly, this can be crucial for perfecting individual performance.

The sheer size of a headband means that you get greater coverage too. Furthermore, the fact that the design is a loop ensures that the back of the user’s head can benefit from those absorbing properties too. Unfortunately, someone that opts solely for a wristband won’t gain those rewards.

For most, it’s easier to wipe hands on a headband rather than the head on the wrist – not least because of the face volume. For the best results, you’ll probably find that a combination of the two. However, if you’ve got a choice between one or the other, the headband is the better solution for anyone that sweats a lot or has long hair. After all, you don’t only get the antiperspirant properties, you’ll also gain the practicality of keeping hair away too.


Let’s not kid ourselves; appearances are almost as important as practicality. You wouldn’t buy a pair of sneakers that didn’t look as great as they feel. Likewise, you’re not unlikely to choose any accessory that doesn’t attract the eye.

Sweatband loops can come in juts one color. However, the design process is one area that has undergone impressive improvements over the years, particularly in the 21st century. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, NBA star Allen Iverson became one of the globe’s most iconic faces – and it was largely due to the two-striped headbands. In addition to aiding comfort on the court, those items allowed the 76ers’ point guard to become a style icon.

As well as versatility, modern sweatbands can be designed to carry logos and emblems. Whether it’s the team badge or the symbol of a charity cause doesn’t matter, those images can bring the look of a sports headband to life. Alternatively, you could personalize it with a name and number.

Sweatbands can also be manufactured to be reversible. It’s not something that will appeal to that many people, but it is an option that will attract others. Customized headbands are certainly a winning solution for those that want to stand out on the court, track or field. Nevertheless, there are a variety of great options that can be purchased as they are.

Either way, a product that looks great will immediately put you in the right mental frame for exercise. When combined with those performance benefits, it’s no wonder that so many exercise enthusiasts consider a headband to be essential.

Best Materials

Looks are important, but it’s important not to forget that your priorities should lie with the materials used. Sports headbands will be in constant contact with your skin throughout those exercises, so they need to be comfortable. Moreover, they need to actually do their job of absorbing your sweat.

Most high-quality headbands will be produced from a terry cloth material. The combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex allows the loop to stretch so that it suits the individual’s head. In addition to providing a comfortable fit, the fibers will soak up sweat far better than alternative solutions.

Another benefit offered by the terry cloth material is that they boast longevity. Sports headbands will get dirty rather fast. Knowing that yours will handle the rough and tumble of playing sport, as well as the washing, will make a vast difference. After all, despite their affordability, you should demand the same value for money that you would any other sports product.

Given that the main purpose of a headband is to provide additional comfort and support overlooking the importance of the materials would be very foolish indeed. In almost all circumstances, the terry cloth item is best. Thankfully, it’s the most common too.

Best Places To Buy

With many accessories aimed at sports participants, sizing is everything. Due to this, most items are best bought in a store. However, sweatbands are virtually exempt from this problem as the material will stretch to accommodate the size of your head.

This opens up the opportunity to buy online with supreme confidence. The vast array of options at mean that this is a particularly good option, not least thanks to the reliable service. After all, you need to know that your product will turn up in the condition that you expect.

For those that sweat a lot, or play a sport where wiping the forehead becomes difficult, a headband is the perfect accessory. Add it to your base layer collection, and you could see improvements to your happiness in no time.

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