Running Headbands

When it comes to running and headbands, there’s a bit of a divide as to how useful they are. Some people think that they are a little nerdy, which can stop runners from wearing them. However, lots of people, including professional runners, think that they look cool. Kyle Merber is a regular headband wearer in the sport and says that if he doesn’t wear it, too much sweat gets into his eyes. He thinks they look cool too, and can’t understand why more runners don’t wear them.

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The Benefits of Wearing A Running Headband

Matt Withrow is one of the most famous headband wearers when it comes to running and cross country. He won the 2003 Foot Locker crown while wearing a filthy white headband, beating silver medalist Galen Rupp, who wasn’t wearing one. This isn’t the only bit of evidence that supports the usefulness of the running headband!

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Kyle Merber realized that he could PR with his headband after he reluctantly wore it the first time. He has worn it for races ever since, and managed to get better and better each time. He just kept on winning race after race! Although it’s clear how much better headbands can make you at the sport, many runners still don’t wear one. In fact, one study showed that only one runner (less than 7%) of 14 athletes on the 2012 Olympic running team wore a headband. It just goes to show how many runners could be missing out on getting PRs and medals because of preconceived notions about the headband.

Kyle Merber

Another benefit of wearing a running headband in a cool color or pattern? Having your spectators be able to see you on the field better! The fields can get awfully crowded, and it can be difficult to tell certain runners apart. Not with the right headband! If you wear your headband with enough attitude and style, you could even end up intimidating other runners on the track. That’s without doing anything even remotely shady. Your headband can help you to feel all the more professional, which can give you the edge over other runners. It might sound trivial, but by just looking at some of the professionals wearing their headbands, you’ll see that this is true.

More Benefits Of Wearing Headbands/Sweatbands For Runners

Because many headbands are made from an absorbent material called terry cloth, sweat is stopped before it drips into your eyes as you run. This stops you from needed to take a towel with you, which can weigh you down and even make you stop what you’re doing. If you’ve ever had sweat in your eyes, you’ll know just how much it can sting. It can definitely hinder your run, no matter what level you’re at. When running outside, it’s important to wear an SPF too. SPF can make the sweat even more painful to endure! You don’t even need to give sweat a second thought when you wear a high-quality headband.

Keeping Hair Out Of Your Face

Headbands for Hair

The right sweatband will push your hair back and keep it out of your face. This means you don’t need to worry about doing your hair over or messing about with it as you run. It doesn’t matter what length your hair is at; there’s a running headband to suit you. They’re not all thick, like the most retro headbands. There are now slimmer, more streamlined versions of the running headband.  Although your hair may still get a little sweaty depending on how intensely you workout, you may also find that your hair isn’t as sweat-logged. This could mean there’s no need to wash your hair after your run. You might find that with a spritz of dry shampoo, it looks clean and fresh again. This saves you time, product, and hassle in the long run.

Running Headbands Can Look Fashionable

You then have the fashion side of things to consider. While running headbands are extremely useful, they can also look good and become a bit of a fashion accessory for you. There’s a color to suit every mood, whether you want demure black or vibrant pink. You can match or contrast your running outfit with your headbands. Everybody knows that wearing great clothing and accessories can motivate you to run more. You might even like your headband so much that it becomes a sort of trademark for you!

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The way you wear your headband doesn’t matter all that much, providing you wear it in a way that works for you. Some wear it over the ears; others wear it behind the ears. Some wear it on the back of the head, while some wear it right on the forehead. Some even wear it at a funny angle! You might want to test out a few ways on your runs so you can find the best way to wear it for you. As long as you wear it with unwavering confidence, you know you’re going to look good in your headband.

Machine Washable

Running headbands are machine washable, so you don’t need to worry too much about kicking up a stink when wearing yours. Simply throw it in the wash when you feel it needs it, and it’ll be good as new when you take it out again. You might want to invest in a couple, though, so you don’t have to wait to get out there again. Whether you’re running, jogging, sprinting, or power walking, a headband could be just the accessory you need to up your game.

The Bottom Line?

If you’ve never tried a headband, you might be surprised at how much it actually helps you improve. The effects will be instant, as you won’t need to worry about your hair getting in the way, or sweat dripping into your eyes. You might PR like Kyle Merber, or pip an opponent to the post like Matt Withrow. All while adding an element of style to your running gear and showing off your personality. Try one and see what you think!