Are You Ready For The Breast Cancer Support App?

In the battle against breast cancer, survivors often find themselves alone and weary from treatment. Even with the valiant support of family and friends, there are some things that only those who have gone through the same ordeal can understand. Just recently, an app was developed to aid women battling breast cancer gain 24/7 access to survivor support by simply clicking a button on their phones.


The app, called HerStory, was developed by a company called 22otters. They recorded the voices of breast cancer survivors narrating their trials and victories against the disease. The company’s CEO Bob Quinn, says that he wants the app to become therapeutic for survivors – to let them know that help is available anytime they need it.


What sets HerStory apart from other breast cancer apps is that instead of being read, the stories are given a more personal touch by being narrated by other survivors.  Hearing a soothing voice does seem better than simply reading text, doesn’t it?

Quinn and his team collaborated with researchers from Stanford University, University of California San Francisco and the George Washington University during the development of the app. Both parties have come to the conclusion that apart from their physiologic needs, there is also a need to address the cancer patient’s psychosocial needs.


Aside from inspiring stories, the app also features up to date information about prognosis, treatment and how to deal with side effects. After all, once you have been told you have cancer, it can be quite difficult to take in the information given to you by your doctors. This makes it easier for survivors to get the right information they need, when they need it.

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