Black Headbands – Stop Sweat NOW!

Black headbands? YES, black headbands  – they are great for your sporting events. It’s important to look at the material of headbands when making a purchase online. STbands (Suddora Custom), for example, uses the highest quality cotton. The material make-up is 80 percent cotton, twelve percent spandex, and eight percent nylon. This make-up is the same type used by many bigger sports leagues and companies. It’s great because the black head bands can also be sized how you want them. Need a logo? Not a problem you can fill out a custom sweatbands form to get started. Head sweatbands are useful for stopping the sweat from dripping down your head onto your eyes. This can be extremely annoying during sports like basketball and soccer especially. You NEED your eyes.

Get started on black headbands!

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