Bonding While Sweating: Fun Exercises To Try With Your Mom

 It’s Mother’s Day Weekend! What have you got planned for that special woman in your life?

We’re big believers on spending quality time with our moms every chance we can get – not just once a year! The best thing about moms is that you don’t have to get them anything expensive because they appreciate even the smallest of gestures.


If you’re fortunate enough to live close to your mom, we suggest doing something with her at least every week. It can be as simple as doing groceries, a mani/pedi session or even exercising together. Instead of bonding over your favorite series while eating chips, why not enroll yourselves for a yoga session once a week?

Studies show that working with a partner is more beneficial than doing it alone. A partner can motivate you to push harder, workout longer and avoid the carbohydrate snack we all crave after a workout. Having your mom as a partner will give you good a reason not to skip sessions because you are less likely to let her down. After all, who can say no to their moms?

Regular exercise will help your mom ease through menopause and lessen both your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Exercise will strengthen your mom’s bones and muscles, help you deal with stress at home and at work. Not to mention all the fun and bonding you’ll both be having!

Here are 5 exercises to try with your mother:

  1. Walking –We’ve talked about the benefits of running in a previous post (read that here) and we believe it’s the best way to stay fit for three reasons – it’s easy, it’s free and it’s effective.  Besides, it’s easy to do spontaneously at the mall, at the park or even in your own backyard.7419270810_9cdea1e0c7_z
  2. Yoga – Yoga can be used for maintaining bone and muscle strength and flexibility. As we grow older, this becomes a little bit more difficult and can result to back and joint pains. Meditation is also an integral part of yoga which will help you both relax and deal with stress.Pihasali 28
  3. Swimming – Did you know that swimming is a total body workout? It is the only form of exercise that gets almost every muscle in the body working without putting stress on your joints. Do some laps at the community pool regularly or have fun under the sun! lrh2145
  4. Light Aerobics/Dancing – Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways to stay fit! Join a class at the gym or better yet, form your own team composed of your family and friends. Buy a workout DVD and host a weekly zumba session in your living room. artmax_59

Whatever mode of exercise you choose, you and your mom will mutually benefit from it. So instead of sitting at home and watching your favorite series every week, get up and do something fun!

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