Are You Ready To Go Hands Free? 5 Fitness Products To Seriously Think About Buying

What comes in to your mind with the phrase ‘Hands Free?’


For me, it means my hands have the freedom to do more important things than hold an mp3 player or a bottle of water while I’m doing my Sunday morning run. When I first started running, I really did not want to invest in anything just in case I decide that running isn’t for me. I started out by holding my mp3 player or securing it in my shorts’ elastic band. Not only did my iPod end up all sweaty and gross, it also distracted me from my game. Also I tend to down water like a sponge after a couple of kilometers, so a small bottle of water didn’t cut it for me. Would you believe I used to carry bring a 1000ml bottle of water with me while I’m running?

 I solved this problem by getting myself a hydration belt. What I have isn’t as fancy as this beauty from FuelBelt:


It comes with four 7 ounce BPA free bottles and one removable storage pocket for your mobile, money, keys or credit cards. Available in 5 sizes for every body type, the Revenge 4-Bottle belt is equipped with TheraFoam padding that allows your body to breathe and adjustable Velcro closures for a snug fit.


If you’re not into belts, you can opt for a practical yet like stylish hat like the Ultra Pocket Hat for Runners from Gone For A Run. It stores all your valuables, and is made of sweat wicking fabric to keep you cool. You can take this hat to almost any outdoor activity – even to concerts or fairs!


These JayBird Gear BlueBuds X Bluetooth wireless earphones are a little pricey at $170 a pop, but they sure will solve the problem of tangled cords! They will give the wearer the ease of controlling music and taking calls with the touch of a button. They are made of a lightweight and sweat resistant material, so you can go on for miles!


Are you fond of running at the break of dusk or dawn? Aside from providing storage for your essentials, this slim belt from New Balance also comes with an LED light to ensure your safety while on the go. Great for early morning / night walks as well.

Last but not the least is this sneaky tank from Athleta. Why sneaky? Well, you can’t really tell, but there’s a pocket hidden somewhere in its lightweight and moisture wicking fabric! Clever, huh?


So there you have it folks – Our favorite hands free items! Which one is your favorite?

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