The Lowdown on Sweat Activated Sportswear

Motivation is a big part in anything that we do at home, at work and at play. Motivation is the key to success of many great leaders and CEOs’ often bumpy road to success. .We need motivation to keep us going when the times get tough or when we are tempted to take the shortcuts because it’s easier and will save us time.

Where does your motivation to get fit come from?

Living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of motivation. We’re sure you’ve struggled with a cheeseburger or two ; and the allure of sleeping in is often more inviting than a 5 kilometer run at 5 am. Sometimes, even the most hard core health enthusiast need a little dose of motivation once in a while and that’s exactly what these sweat activated apparel are made to do.


While most people would do anything to prevent sweat stains while working out, a new technology encourages people to sweat – a lot. When a person exercises wearing this new technology, an inspirational message will appear on the t-shirt when sweat comes in contact with the fabric. Phrases such as

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight

Never Stop

Train Harder

I am the Competition and

Stay Strong

are designed to keep you on track with your workout. These phrases are written on both the front and back of the shirts (both for men and women) so you’re not only motivating yourself, but others as well. Runners often need a boost after completing half the distance and it would be helpful to read an inspiring message on a fellow runner’s back.

Those who have tried this apparel have mixed reviews about this technology. Some have testified that the message don’t appear every time they work out – which adds to their frustration rather than motivation. While some have sworn by this ‘perspiration inspiration phenomenon – swearing that seeing the inspirational messages brought them to their goals.

The phrases are located usually located in the chest and lower back area. However, we all sweat in different amounts from different parts of the body. Some sweat profusely from these areas so they can easily make the phrases appear while some sweat more from the underarm and neck area so the marks don’t appear as apparent.


When we first head of this technology, we thought it would be perfect for running in the rain. Running in the rain is an incredible experience! The atmosphere is colder, the roads clearer and there’s just a magical feeling when you run (or play) in the rain.  You just have to be careful to wear the right kind of shoes (non slip) and make sure that the rain will not obscure your vision.

Image: TwoBellesFitness

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