The Breast Cancer Myths That Persist!

 One of the biggest obstacles awareness advocates face is the persistence of myths that prevent women from getting the right information about breast cancer. Women who believe these myths move farther away from the truth and away from the real life saving measure that can make a difference.

Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer

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A few years ago, a story came out about how the chemicals in deodorants mimic estrogen and cause breast cancer. However, no scientific evidence came out to back it up.

The Bottom line: Deodorants do not cause breast Cancer or its re-occurrence.

Wearing A Bra Causes Cancer


A study published in the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology actually looked into this myth and studied breast cancer risk among post menopausal women who wear bras regularly. Thankfully, they found no link between wearing a bra, how long a woman wears a bra or the kind of bra a woman wears and increased cancer risk.

Ladies, feel free to wear those gorgeous bras!

Only Women Get Cancer

male-self-breast-exam (1)

Both men and women can get breast cancer. If a man has a strong history of cancer in the family, then his risk of developing any kind of cancer including breast cancer is greater. The first step is to remove the myth that breast cancer is a woman’s disease. Men who are at risk should also talk to their doctors about early detection options.

Mammograms Cause Cancer


While it’s true that mammograms use radiation, the benefit will always outweigh the risks.  Modern medical technology has also made it possible to keep radiation exposure at a minimum.

Breast Cancer Is For Women in Menopause


Sadly, more and more women below the age of 40 are being diagnosed with breast cancer every year. This is why breast cancer initiatives should reach out to the younger generation of women for them to become aware of the things they can do to reduce their risk.

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