Why CustomOnIt.com is THE PLACE for Sweatbands

When it comes to choose a supplier for customizing sweatbands, there is only one place you should consider: Suddora Custom. The reason is really simple – The quality and service are absolutely unbeatable.

Embroidered headband from custom on it

The cotton wristbands, headbands and armbands are embroidered in a specific way so you can not feel the sew marks when you or your customers wear them. The sweatbands start off as a single piece of material and then after the logo is applied they are sewing together. This is the highest quality method for logo application on these terry cloth bands.

Uses for Custom Sweatbands

Believe it or not their are plenty of uses for sweatbands. Besides a fashion statement these can be used as a handout during specialty marathons and various different promotional events. Sporty is the first word that comes to mind but Suddora Custom has had all sorts of clients ranging from video game companies to large fast food chains. The latest rend in 2012-13 and on into 2014 is specialty marathons like Tough Mudder, Color Run and Race Texas.

Run Dive Jump PAINT

There is no better way to bring friends and family together than to all participate in a unique 5k run. CustomOnIt.com has made tons of headbands and cotton wristbands with special logos for these types of marathons!

Plain and Personalized

Suddora Custom also sells Suddora sweatbands, which are made by its sister sporting goods site. These cater to basketball, football, tennis, volleyball players and more. What is nice about plain is the fact that they can be purchases at a smaller min order than custom, since we stock them in our Suddora warehouse. Again, these are excellent for sporting leagues and other various uses such as a hand out.


On top of the many reasons to choose Suddora Custom, another one is the sweatbands are FULLY customizable. They don’t have restrictions like other promotional products, which make them very popular for many businesses looking for an advertising item.

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