10 Halloween Costume Ideas with Sweatbands

Halloween is one of the best holidays where everyone gets to dress according to the latest super hero, cartoon character, movie star or popular movie character. One thing that is common among Halloween holiday makers is that everyone wants to dress in the most unique costume. No one wants to walk around the neighborhood or attend a party and find out that half the crowd is already dressed in their costume.

To avoid this, people usually employ their creative juices in order to come up with the most unique Halloween costume ideas. Let’s face it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to come up with a fun Halloween headpiece. You can craft one or more pieces using available items like sweatbands. Remember Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) in Semi Pro? That is a great costume idea you can start with.

Here are more fun ways to use costumes with sweatbands during Halloween.

Using Googly eyes

This is one of the simplest Halloween costume ideas where you can incorporate a set of jiggly eyes on your sweatband and you are good to go. Not only is the costume lovely but it brings out your fun side. When walking on the streets, you will surely turn some heads. If you are not familiar with jiggly or Googly eyes, they are small crafted plastic pieces designed to mimic eyeballs.

The internal disk is available in many colors – blue, green, red and yellow among others. There are different ways of styling the googly eyes on your sweatband. You can add a pair to the front side or add three more pairs to be positioned on the sides and at the back of your head.

If that is not creative enough, you can purchase a pack and simply positioned same colored or differently colored googly eyes along the length of the sweatband. If you can find those that glow, the better the outcome.

Polka dot flower headpiece

Just like googly eyes, polka dots can be used to spruce up your Halloween costume. To create the perfect headpiece, you need to have sewing skills. Not only will you be able to stitch same colored materials but different colored materials too. The first thing you need to do is shop for the right material. There are thousands of fabrics available in stores and to help you make the right decision, determine what character you want to be.

If you are going to dress your young daughter with this headpiece, you can opt to pair it with a goblin or little ghost costume. Back to crafting the head piece! Now that you have the material, all you have to do is design and craft it into a brightly colored polka dot flower. This should be sewn onto the headband finally completing the head piece.

Spooky spider sweatband

As the most feared 8 legged creatures, spiders feature prominently during Halloween. It is common to find most homes crafted with spider webs to make it scary. Thanks to creativity, you can finally create a headpiece that will scare everyone during Halloween. What you need to do is to position the spider on your headband to appear like its crawling around your head or towards your face.

There are several species of spiders available in the world today. Some of the scariest spiders include the tarantula, zebra spider, huntsman spider, wolf spider, wandering spider and funnel spider. Designing one of these spiders can be quite difficult but if you are creative, you should come up with amazing designs. On the other hand, you can opt to purchase store models and make changes to them. Once you are done, stick it to your sweatband to appear as if it’s crawling or resting on your head.

Dancing queen sweatband

You can become a dancing queen and create a mobile party around you. All you have to do is make a few adjustments to your headband and you are good to go. The first adjustment is selecting the right disco balls. It can be quite difficult to get the right size at any store so the best option for you is to create your own. Start by purchasing the right supplies – clear acrylic balls, mirrored material, scissors and hot glue gun.

Creating the disco balls is very easy. Start by cutting the right material size from the mirrored material sheet. This will be wrapped around the individual disco balls to make them shinny. Glue them to the ball for a lasting look. You can opt to drill holes through the balls and attach strings. These will be hanged from the headband and dangle around your face. Once you hit the party, light will strike the mirrored sheet and create a mini disco around you.

Bat sweatband

This is the most perfect Halloween costume idea for people who don’t want to dress up from head to toe. Not only is it simple to create but it’s a great last minute costume that requires less work. There are two designs you can create. One can be based entirely from paper while the other can be a combination of paper with a woolen sweatband.

If you opt for the paper based model, you can design a simple headband that fits around your head. Just measure the circumference of your head and cut a sheet of paper with that length. Join the pieces using glue. Cut a pair of bat wings; one for the right side and the other for the left side. Join the parts to each side of the headband and you are done.

If you choose the latter, all you need to do is attach the bat wings to the sides of the sweatband and you are good to go.

Flapper feather sweatband

If you want to add a 1920s style to your Halloween costume, then the best headpiece is the flapper feather sweatband. If you don’t know what we are talking about, hope this helps you. Have you ever watched the Great Gatsby movie? In the movie, the character Daisy wears a beautiful rhinestone headband.

Since you are on a budget, you don’t need expensive jewelry to decorate your gear. All you need is a black colored sweatband, a brooch and some Ladyship feathers. Using your sewing techniques, you can sew the brooch and Ladyship feathers to the left side of the sweatband.

To look good once you step out of the house, dress in a Flappers inspired dress which can be fringed at the bottom. Complete the look with a set of pearls around your neck and a pair of stylish ear rings.

Space Jam

Space Jam is a classic American live action animated sports movie that stars Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes characters. In the movie, the powers of professional basketball players are stolen by the NerdLucks who turn out to be gigantic monsters. To win the match against the NerdLucks, the Looney Tunes characters transport Michael Jordan into their realm. To cut a long story short, in the movie, one of the Looney characters, Elmer J.Fudd is sporting a blue sweatband with the space jam uniform.

If you loved the movie and you want a fun costume that will give you a reason to sport a sweatband, then the Space Jam uniform is the right choice for you. There are several costume stores which are bound to stock the uniform. All you have to do is start shopping early. Furthermore, the uniform will give you a unique look.

Felt crown

Most of you have read Archie comics when you were young. Not only were you fascinated by the adventures of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jug head Jones but you loved the occasional tiff between Veronica and Betty over Archie. One of the most distinguishing feature in the comics is Jughead Jones felt crown. To make the crown, you will require two pieces of felt and a sweatband as the base.

Download felt crown designs from the internet to make your work easier. Using the downloaded and printed design, create a stencil that will be used to create cutouts from the felt material. Once you are done, sew the cutouts together. This should be followed by sewing the cutouts to the inside of the sweatband. Now, you are done! Wear it over your head and take a few selfies to appreciate the look.

Devil horns

If you are looking for a positively frightening Halloween headpiece, then the reddish devil horns will surely do. To design your own, purchase red felt material or any other heavy fabric that is red in color. To create the devil horns, start by cutting out the shapes from the felt material. Cut four equally sized pieces to ensure uniformity.

Stitch the pieces together to come up with a pair of devil horns. You will notice that the pair lacks any form. To fill out the horns into the required shape, use old fabrics. You can also utilize old woolen fabrics to give the horns a firm appearance.

Once you are done, proceed by stitching the pair onto the sweatband. Now, you are devilishly cute! Compliment the look with a pair of devilish looking contact lenses.

Roller disco girl

Go retro and have fun during Halloween with the roller disco girl costume. The good news about this costume is that you don’t have to make anything. All you need is to Google for some ideas and you are done. The next step involves shopping at the flea market for 70s gear and roller skates if you don’t have some. Incidentally, you can opt to rummage through your mum’s closet and you will discover a few pieces from the 70’s. For the sweatband and socks, purchase them at the nearest costume store.

Once you are done, you can roll out of your home and into the streets ready to trick and treat.

Final Thoughts

If you have got a sense of humor but lack unique ideas for Halloween costumes, don’t worry, we have got your back. So, everyone is dressing up as Wonder Woman and you don’t want to. Why not incorporate some devil horns to your sweatband or add some glitz with homemade miniature disco balls. Not only will you bring the party around you but you will get to have fun and turn heads around as you walk by.

The good thing about Halloween sweatband ideas is that they cannot be exhausted. Not only can you dress up like John Cena “U Can’t See Me sweatband”, you can dress like Rambo from First Blood or the Karate Kid.

Want some good news? These ideas will not break your bank. So, style yourself up with one of the fantastic ideas listed above this coming Halloween.

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