How to Stay Cool While Cutting The Grass This Summer

The joys of mowing your lawn can slowly be taken over by the summer heat. Don’t let this happen to you! Whether you are pushing or riding, here are 3 great ways to deal with the sun:

Terrycloth Headbands

Headbands aren’t just for your next 80’s costume party. The thick cotton material can soak up the sweat that your eyes are downing in while your slaving away, landscaping, in the summer sun. There are a lot of colors to choose from!

Cooling Towels

Navy cooling towel

Cooling towels, much like headbands, are great to wipe away sweat. The towels also have another function though. Once wet, they will get cold and stay cold. All you need is a bottle of water. Pour it on and your good to go!

S’well Water Bottle


S’well water bottles keep your water cold for over 24 hours. Even if the sun i beating down at desert levels, your aqua will stay ice cold. This water bottle is great for cutting the grass or any type of physical activity outdoors.

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