5 Athletes Who Think Sweatbands Are Cool

Sweatbands and wristbands have long been the victims of high brow fashion experts who dismiss them as dismissible sports accessories that should only be worn in 80s themed parties. As a result, sweatbands and wristbands have been experiencing a decrease in fans for the last couple of decades.


We’ve said it time and again – any kind of sweatband is meant to enhance performance. It’s made to absorb sweat so you don’t have to keep losing your grip on the ball or racket. It provides support to joints that are recovering from injury so that you can swing that club properly. Headbands keep you from wiping sweat from your face every 10 minutes while running your first marathon. The bottom line is that sweatbands are meant to help you break your personal records, not to make you look cool. However, with all the different kinds and colors available on the market today, it’s relatively quite easy to match one with your outfit. Think: Serena and Venus Williams.

Besides, if they’re so useless, why do these high powered athletes keep wearing them while they play?

Michael Jordan


An introduction isn’t necessary when it comes to Michael Jordan. Even people who haven’t been born yet during his hay days know who he is – a basketball legend. MJ has long been seen wearing all kinds of sweatbands throughout his career although armbands seem to be his favorite.

Allen Iverson


One of the most decorated players in the NBA, Allen Iverson came from very humble beginnings. He played both basketball and football in high school, but his mother encouraged him to focus on basketball instead. All we can say is… Allen’s mom knew what she was talking about.

Lebron James


After his amazing run with the Miami Heat, Lebron James has announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers next season. Whatever team he chooses to be a part of, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play without his sweatband!

Roger Federer


Over his almost two decades in Tennis, Roger Federer has built a career to remember. He has been a Top 10 Player in the last 13 years and has won the coveted Grand Slam 5 Times while keeping his hair in check with his signature head band.

Serena Williams


Currently ranked No.1 in Women’s Tennis Singles, Serena Williams has become a star on and off the tennis field. Aside from their unbeatable team up, she and her sister Venus are also known for their fashionable choices on the court – and guess what? That often includes sweatbands!

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