5 Tips on How You Stay Fit and Fab For The Holidays

We get it – with all the parties, great food and stress the Holidays have to offer, it is easy to fall off your health wagon. Speaking from experience, we know how difficult it is to lose weight after the holidays. In fact, most gyms would say that their biggest enrollments come right after the New Year – when the gym is filled with people trying to burn all the ham, alcohol and eggnog they’ve consumed!

A little discipline can go a long way in helping you start the New Year fitter and healthier than ever before. Take these 5 easy to follow tips with you the next time you go out to party!

Eat Before You Leave The House


Grab something rich in protein before leaving the house. Because protein rich foods promote a feeling of fullness, it will prevent you from eating more than the usual during parties. Our favorite examples include a turkey breast whole wheat sandwich, 2 hard boiled eggs and protein chips.

Control Your Alcohol


Alcoholic drinks – especially those cocktails – can really pack calories. Alternate your drinks with a glass or two of water. Not only will this help you stay sober most of the night, hydration can also help combat a potential hangover.

Stock up on healthy meals and snacks at home


We are all guilty of ordering more takeout food during the holidays because no one really has the time to cook healthy meals. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem: stock up on healthy snacks and easy to prepare meals at home! Buy a loaf of whole wheat bread, a couple of turkey and chicken breasts, lettuce, fruits, veggies, nuts and grains and you are all set!

Your Plate, Only Better


Most of us eat with our eyes – that is, putting everything that catches our eye on our plates!  This results to a too-full plate that we feel guilty not to finish up. Before lining up at the buffet, scout ahead and pick out 2-3 foods that you really like. Do not put everything on your plate!

Eat Slowly


Our bodies need some time to process the food that we eat, this is why we tend to eat really fast in order to satisfy hunger. Take your time in eating your food – really enjoy and bask in the incredible taste! Adapt this habit and you’ll find yourself feeling full but eating less!

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