If You Need A Little Push: 3 Apps That Track Your Fitness Resolutions for 2015

Fitness apps can take the role of a personal trainer. They allow you to set your own goals, tracks your progress and gives you a little push when you are lagging behind. When I go out for a run, I have no idea how far or how fast I am going which makes me finish prematurely. When I started using an app to track my progress, I found myself wanting to run faster and longer.  So here’s a lowdown of 3 fitness apps and gadgets you might want to consider.




The makers of Fitbit believe that a healthy lifestyle isn’t defined by how much time you spend in the gym, but what you do outside the gym. Fitbit is a family of fitness bracelets that tracks your activities (diet, sleep, exercise, weight, etc.) 24 hours as day. It gives you an idea where you at physically, and allows you to see how close you are to your own fitness goals through charts and graphs on their website.

Nike Fuel


Do your friends need a little push as well? Invite them to invest in the Nike+FuelBand! Your group can upload each other’s progress, align goals and set up a little friendly competition in the office. Working out with a group is better than going at it alone, especially because you have people to physically coax you to exercise.

Cycle Meter


Dubbed as “Obessively Complete” by Wired, the Cycle Meter is the ultimate tracker app for anyone that goes the distance running, cycling, skiing and various other physical activities. It records heart rate, speed and elevation as well as the intensity and duration of your workouts. The App also provides available routes and running plans for marathon runners.

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