Benefits of Wearing Sleeves for Your Arm

The benefits of wearing sleeves for your arm have evolved since it was first worn by basketball superstar Allen Iverson in 2001. Chiefly, compression arm sleeves are worn to keep muscles warm and flexible, thus, preventing further injury. Most arm sleeves also have padding which provides more protection.

But how exactly does arm sleeve keep the muscles in good condition during play? Simply, it allows blood to circulate better. Because arm sleeves from Suddora and most other stores are like second skin that places pressure directly to the arm, squeezing the capillaries and larger blood vessels, they allow blood to circulate in the limb. An increased blood circulation keeps away the lactic acid generated when muscles experience fatigue. This reduces the amount of soreness and swelling you get after a strenuous exercise.

Other than its medical functions, Suddora running arm sleeves are also worn by athletes as a fashion statement. They are highly customizable, athletes and team managers would have the team logo or any message printed on them. Wearing a new arm sleeve in a design that expresses an athlete’s personality also aids confidence building and generates support for the athlete and the sport. Even fans wear them in and outside of the game because they are stylish and they look great on almost everyone who wears them.

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