McDavid Hex Foamed Arm Sleeve for Support & Sweat Management

McDavid Hex foamed arm sleeve is the apparel of choice of professional athletes. This 9 mm foamed arm sleeve features its patented Hex Technology covering the mid-bicep down to the wrist. The sleeve can be worn on both arms.

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Compression arm sleeves, which are sold at, are made to warm up muscles preventing possible soft tissue injuries, abrasions and scratches, and reduces the pain induced by cramps and fatigue after play. McDavid Hex is often used as basketball arm sleeve because it is also designed to enhance shooting performance. Usage of the sleeves is not limited to basketball though.

Another featured technology that separates McDavid Hex from similar apparels is the hDc Moisture Management technology which keeps the arms eight to ten degrees cooler. This also keeps too much moisture from the skin.

Because they are pretty stylish, black arm sleeves and white arm sleeves are the more popular choices but McDavid Hex is also available in scarlet, royal and navy colors in unisex design. They also come in three sizes—small, medium, and large—you can be sure that it fits your arms.

McDavid Hex is made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex. It is durable and it can withstand performance wear and tear.

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