Breast Cancer Prevention and Your Diet: How Your Choices Can Affect Your Risk

It was only when I hit my mid-20s when I started to actively integrate veggies into my life. I had just lost my mother to breast cancer then and I was determined to fight my genes by acquiring a healthier diet and incorporating exercise into my daily schedule.


A study, termed as the world’s biggest when it came to studying survivorship, stated that women who have won over breast cancer have a much better chance of long term survival if they stick to a mostly plant based diet. This study included a review of over 80 other research studies that involved 165,000 breast cancer survivors.

Does this mean that survivors must forsake all other food except veggies and grains?


According to Dr. Rachel Thompson of the World Cancer Research Fund, you only have to make sure that 2/3 of every meal is made up of fruits, veggies and whole grains. The rest of the meal can contain a form of meat or fish. Don’t worry…they also said that it’s okay to treat yourself to a steak or cheese burger once in a while – just as long as you keep most of your food choices healthy. Also, stay away from processed foods and those high in saturated fat such as sausages, bacon and pastries.


Finding a cure to breast cancer may still be in the distant future, but making  smarter choices in the food that we eat today may have a great impact on your health in the future..

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