Ink Pink for the Fight Like A Girl Foundation

When De Dee Peterson and Shawna Griswold saw how breast cancer can devastate a woman’s life, they thought of a way to help out. It’s no secret that breast cancer treatments cost a lot, and not everyone has good insurance that covers multiple surgeries, chemotherapy sessions, radiation therapy sessions that typically accompanies each diagnosis. Not to mention the crippling financial situation that ensues when a woman has to stop working because of her health.


The duo came up with Girls Fight Like Girls, an organization that provides interim financial assistance to women battling breast cancer in Coos County, Oregon. They want these women to think about nothing else but getting better and the financial assistance will truly take the load off their backs. Financial assistance will help paying the dues that don’t stop coming just because a woman has breast cancer.


In order to raise more money for GFLG, the owners of Flying Chicken Tattoo Shop located at 2582 Broadway Ave. in North Bend are sponsoring an event in their name called Ink Pink. This October 30th, the shop will offer specific tattoos at discount with all proceeds going towards GFLG. If you live around the area and have been thinking of getting some ink, this would be a great opportunity to do it! You can purchase your tattoo on the 30th and have it done at a later date.


If permanent tattoos are not your cup of tea, you could always get temporary ones like these or get a massage, pink nails, hair extensions or pink merchandise during the event.We applaud De Dee and Shawna for addressing a rarely recognized problem faced by millions of families afflicted with breast cancer.

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