How To Overcome Common Exercise Excuses Part 2

Every morning, I first have to debate with myself whether getting out of bed is worth it or not. This of course lead to some very creative excuses such as “It’s going to rain anyway” or “I ate a lot of vegetables this week.”


Making excuses is the number one hindrance to leading a healthy lifestyle, that’s why we thought we’d discuss more commonly used exercise excuses as well as simple ways how they can be conquered. Let’s start!

Excuse #4 I don’t see any results

I remembered an old Facebook status of mine. It went something like “I’ve been running 3 kilometers every other day for two weeks and I still can’t see any results!” I whined and complained a lot during those first few weeks because I thought that results would come in just a few short days. To tell you the truth, the results came when I wasn’t looking out for them. I stuck to my exercise schedule and suddenly, my jeans fit better.


Stick to your exercise routine and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle to help hasten your progress. And remember, don’t ever give up!

Excuse #5 I have a short attention span

There numerous heart pumping activities that don’t involve the gym, the use of equipment or repetitive activities. For example, I equate cleaning the house for an hour (vacuuming, scrubbing bathroom tiles, raking the yard) as a valid form exercise. If you have a gym membership, attend different classes every day such as yoga, dance or spinning.


Exercise should never be an unpleasant activity. Find one or two things you like doing and alternate between them every week. The important thing is to keep moving.

Excuse #6 I’m going to miss my favorite show!

There is nothing wrong with working out in front of the television. Watch the morning news while doing a 30 minute yoga routine. Instead of skipping your workout because you might miss your favorite show, record it and watch it while you’re stuck in a train on your way to work.


A more aggressive solution to this problem is to hire a personal trainer who will charge you whether or not you decide to show up.


In conclusion, making excuses will benefit nobody – especially you. Remember, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle will always trump any excuses you make. Stop making excuses and start making changes!

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