How To Overcome Common Exercise Excuses Part 1

One of my favorite Nike commercials features Paralympian Warhawk Matt Scott rattling off common excuses for not exercising then asking the question “What’s your excuse?”



We often make excuses for ourselves for not being able to start or commit to an exercise routine. I myself have used everything from “I think it’s going to rain…” to “I’m too tired” and I’m sure you have too. To be honest, these excuses are just that – excuses. Besides, have you ever felt happy after making excuses for yourself? Yeah, neither have I.

If we try hard enough, we can find the time and the inspiration to get up from the couch and move. The trick to overcoming these excuses is to know how to deal with them head on.

Excuse No.1: Lack of Time





I’ve used this excuse a million times. Then I thought about how many hours I spend watching TV or watching videos on the internet which is about 2 hours a day. This is more than enough to get a good workout in every day! So instead of sitting on the couch, I do some stretches and lift weights for about 45 minutes while watching my favorite TV Show. Schedule exercise like you would when going to the Laundromat or the dentist – an appointment you can’t miss.

Excuse No.2: I’m too tired


Did you know that a 30 minute walk can boost your energy for up to 6 hours after? Exercise produces hormones (called Endorphins) that not only give you extra energy but lifts your mood as well. So whenever you’re feeling a little low, don’t crash on the couch – get up and take a walk!

There was a time when I had to finish 5 essays in 1 day. I was on my third when I felt the need to sleep and just write the remaining 2 when I wake up. Then I had this crazy idea to go for a run instead. I was surprised when I came home with a lot of ideas for both essays. I got done in no time. Try it, it works!

Excuse No.3: I think I need sleep more than I need to exercise


I encounter this dilemma whenever I plan to workout at the break of dawn. I always say to myself that sleep regenerates my body and I need that more than I need to exercise to build it up which is of course, a complete lie. When we’re stressed out and lack exercise, sleep becomes more of a chore than a way to relax. This leads to inadequate quality of sleep – the kind where you wake up feeling even more tired as before. Regular exercise promotes quality sleep and a regular sleeping cycle. Simply put, you don’t have to struggle to fall asleep anymore and always wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for more Exercise Excuses!

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