Where to Find Heavy Metal Sweatbands

We have all seen James Hetfield of Metallica & many other musicians sporting longer wristbands. Sometimes called armbands – they are worn by megadeath, iron maiden and many fans around the world. If i were to list all the musicians (specifically guitarists and drummers) who at one time wore sweatbands, this would be a very long posts. I’ll save you time!

Stability or Style?

black armband

The answer is both. Having a 6 to 8 inch terrycloth band that is elastic on your wrist will provide some level of stability. While it is likely not something that will be recommended by your doctor, it seems to work the best for guitarist. A guitarist can not shred or maneuver with a wrist brace on. A comfortable cotton band is a great compromise that adds stability and support.

Where to Buy Longer Style Sweatbands

You can purchase these in various colors here. The most popular color is black and then white is a distant second.

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