Halo Hair Band for Soccer and Active Lifestyle

Halo is the brand of choice for soccer players and active individuals alike who need extra support on their head when at play or training. The Halo Hair Band is specifically designed to hold back hair when active and at rest. It features a pullover design, a silicone gripper and an elastic band at the back so that the band stretches when worn by those who have larger heads or thicker hair.


Aside from keeping your hair away from your face, this comfortable hair band also prevents sweat from dripping towards the face and the eyes. Its patented double-layer Dryline fabric is lightweight and quick-drying. The surface of Halo Hair Band allows quick evaporation and its rubbery strip slides sweat towards the side of the face. Not to mention, the double-layer Dryline is a kind of microfiber polyester that also prevents bacteria.

The inner part of Halo Hair Band also helps prevent sweat from dripping towards the face as it’s made of “Sweat Block” material, which is a rubbery fabric that makes the hair band comfortable to wear and absorbs moisture better than most fabrics used in similar apparel.


Halo is a one-size fit all hair band not only perfect for soccer players as it is also often seen worn under helmets and hats. Some people would actually prefer wearing Halo Hair Bands as a substitute to hats as they do the job of a sunscreen and yet do not compromise vision. It is also a bonus that the Halo looks good, it doesn’t make you feel awkward to wear it when socializing.

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