Pink Ribbon Sweatbands – 3 Different Colors of Awareness

Pink ribbon sweatbands are the ultimate athletic accessory for individuals interested in showing their support for breast cancer survivors, those who have succumbed to the disease and ongoing research. More and more pink ribbon wristbands and breast cancer ribbon bands seem to be popping up. They seem to be everywhere, on athletes and coaches on the professional level and on those who participate in cancer-related events of the athletic variety such as walks and runs (e.g., Susan G. Komen For the Cure). They can  be purchased online and shipped directly to your house with proceeds going toward continued cancer research and to fund mammograms for women in need. Mammograms help save women’s lives and are very important in the fight against breast cancer.

pink ribbons 3 colors

Individuals interested in purchasing pink ribbon sweatbands can do so online. They are the perfect workout accessory and are great conversation starters. Chat up fellow exercisers about the sweatband and how buying one helps women who suffer from breast cancer and those who may in the future. While you’re buying your own, consider purchasing one for other women in your family. It will take a united front to beat breast cancer and find a cure and all contributions are welcome and much appreciated. Pink ribbon sweatbands are probably best worn with workout gear, though you can wear them whenever and wherever you want. I found this video very touching.

If you would like to show your support but you aren’t really into sweatbands, you may find breast cancer ribbon bands a little more appropriate for everyday wear. These will allow you to showcase your support for the cause just as effectively but in a more stylish and not so sporty way.  In 2010, nearly 40,000 women were expected to perish from breast cancer in the United States. That’s 40,000 too many. Twenty-eight percent of all diagnosed cancers will be breast cancer. It is thus imperative to get the word out and warn women about the dangers and prevalence of breast cancer. The more women know, the more they can do to protect themselves such as get regular mammograms. Proceeds from the sell of items such as pink ribbon sweatbands, pink ribbon wristbands and breast cancer ribbon bands go toward making sure that women who aren’t able to afford mammograms on their own, are able to receive them and also cancer research.


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