How A Healthy Body Helped A Woman Battle Cancer Twice… And Win

When 32 year old Stephanie Odom found out she had breast cancer in 2011, she wasn’t all that scared. Although she had a strong history of cancer in her family, Stephanie had youth, a fit body and a proactive attitude about her health – a combination she believed would help her win her battle with cancer. Like many others, Stephanie’s family and friends gathered around her and lent their support which made her months of surgery, chemo and radiation therapy more bearable. She never gave up her exercise and healthy diet regimen even during treatment – an act that Stephanie believes helped her win her battle.

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She may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over yet.

October of the same year, Stephanie started to feel a funny pain on her hip. She couldn’t believe her ears when her doctor told her that her cancer had come back and metastasized to her hips.  To make matters worse, her father was facing in his own battle against brain cancer. Many of us would have given up at this point, but Stephanie had her eyes fixed on a healthier future.


“I first had a surgery to stabilize my femur,” Ms. Odom said. “I had 10 rounds of radiation on my femur and 10 rounds of radiation on my spine because those are the worst places.” Again, Stephanie’s dedication to her exercise regimen helped her get through the painful process of bone radiation. Exercise – more specifically weight lifting – helped deal with the decreased bone density and muscle pain that is commonly seen in patients during treatment.


Now cancer free, Stephanie fully advocates adopting an exercise regimen during treatment.

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