Hot and Cold: How To Dress for Exercise in Different Climates

Did you know that sportswear giant Nike made $2 Billion in 2012? Its figures like this that makes consumers think that the fuss surrounding sportswear is just one big marketing scam to keep the money flowing.


With the economy as unstable as it is, nobody in their right mind would spend $50 on a pair of shorts, right? Disheartened, most of us will just resort to wearing our old gym clothes which are made of very absorbent materials. So instead of evaporating, sweat will only accumulate which results to wet, heavy clothing – something that is will not help you push yourself to exercise regularly.

Did you know that any increase or decrease in ambient temperature affects the way our bodies function? This is why it’s important to keep it within the ideal temperature – especially when we’re exerting effort like during exercise when our bodies produce heat as a result of the extra workload.

One way of regulating body temperature is through sweating. Sportswear allows the body to sweat but doesn’t absorb the sweat itself; therefore allowing the body to cool without becoming one giant sponge.

When exercising in a hot climate you need to make sure that your body is kept as cool and dry as possible. It’s important to keep air circulating around the body while exercising to evaporate sweat – think about letting the body breathe through the skin. Another great tip is to choose light colored clothes in the summer as well. It keeps the sun’s heat away from you, allowing you to keep cool easily.

In contrast, exercising in a cool climate demands that body heat is conserved as much as possible to keep warm.  Layering is recommended for the winter as well; to allow the wearer to pile on clothing when they’re feeling cold or shed clothing when they sweat.

So what about the exposed parts of the body like the face, hands and feet? These areas need protection too – a warm hat for the winter and something to shield your face from the sun for summer.

The point we’re trying to get across is this – do not make the weather an excuse not to exercise! Feel free to layer the basics or wear things you already have. Expensive as they may be, sportswear are designed to be durable and long lasting – so you don’t have to buy them as often as regular clothes. They’re also a big help in regulating the body’s temperature in all kinds of weather so that you can do what you have to do to keep healthy in all seasons.

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