Nifty Tips and Tricks: Running On a Hot Day

What is your favorite excuse for not running?


While it’s true that nobody should risk safety and health by running during a heat wave, most beginners make the weather their number one excuse to skip an opportunity for a run. It’s easier to place the blame on something that couldn’t defend itself than admit that it is our inability to get up from the sofa that inhibits us from doing so.

This is why most outdoor runners prefer running at dawn or late at night. First, it’s cooler and second, there are less people and cars to contend with on the road. If you’re just beginning to discover the wonders of running, we understand how getting up to run on a hot morning or gearing up after a long day at work may be hard; especially when you see experienced runners zooming by like they can run in the Sahara.

Hot RunnerFor situations when you really can’t help but run on a hot day, we’ve got some handy tips and tricks to help you out:

  1. Hydrate before, during and after you run. If you sweat like a pig on normal days, then you’re guaranteed to sweat buckets on a hot one. Hydration is key to keep the body from overheating – so don’t skimp!
  2. Sun block – Choose something that’s sweat proof and remember, what works on your body may not work as well for your face. There are many products out there made for the outdoors.
  3. Choose your clothing carefully, read the fine print! Go online or join local running communities to get the buzz on the latest fabrics that will allow movement and keep you dry. We love fabrics that reflect the sun’s rays, are chafe-free and stay lightweight even for long haul runs.
  4. Accessorize wisely – sunglasses, visors, running caps, sweat headbands and arm bands are some of our favorites! Protect your eyes and skin with sunglasses and visors while sweatbands keep your focus on the road instead of your sweat.
  5. Strategize. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the neighborhood sprinkler schedule, mapping the tree lined areas and where there are clean water or ice available and adding them on your route.

We hope these tips will help you to get up and run more – it’s just about knowing how to run smarter! Integrating any sport into your everyday life takes a bit of practice and we’re behind you all the way. You can also visit Active  for more ideas!

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