Drop That Hot Chocolate! Indoor Workouts for These Snowy Days

“Winter is Coming” – is a phrase made popular by the HBO Series Game of Thrones. Based on a book about usurping rulers, GoT fans believe that this phrase is a call for constant vigilance and preparedness.

What does Game of Thrones have to do with working out in the winter? In most countries, winter just couldn’t be avoided – unless you have the money and vacation time to fly off to a tropical paradise every year. This is why we all should have a game plan when winter comes and decides to stay.

Last week, we gave you some tips on how you can continue exercising outdoors during winter. But, we can’t help that there will be days when it’s not safe to go out for a run. Don’t worry though- we are letting you in our favorite indoor exercises to get you pumping in subzero weather:

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  1. Jump Rope/Trampoline – You used to enjoy these activities as a kid and you’re guaranteed to love them again as an adult – especially your parents can’t tell you not to jump to high anymore! Jumping rope is actually an all-in-one cardiovascular workout.
  2. Dance your heart out! – you don’t have to be a ballerina to enjoy the benefits of shaking your booty. Aside from giving you happy hormones, dancing to your favorite tunes while you’re stuck in the house is a fun way to work out indoors!
  3. Use technology to your advantage by accessing the millions of free workout videos from the Web. What we love about this is that you get to try  dozens of different kinds of exercise – zumba, pilates, yoga or cardio workout – before you sign up for expensive classes in your local gym.  Or, if you and your workout buddy are snowed in, why don’t you workout together using Skype? pink-yoga-mat-slide4-410x290
  4. Give Yoga a chance – Yoga isn’t for everybody, that’s for sure. Now that you’re stuck at home and unable to run the miles, why don’t you give yoga a chance? Aside from strengthening your muscles, yoga is also known to help relieve stress and anxiety. house-cleaning
  5. Cleaning – Yes, you read that correctly. We are suggesting you pick up a mop and clean your house. Its way better than sitting at home all day doing nothing except watch reruns and eat your way through your pantry. Spend an hour or two vacuuming or cleaning tiles each day and you can account that as your workout!

So how about these ideas for your Winter workout?  Health and fitness should be a priority no matter what time of the year or what temperature it is outside – except maybe when there is a zombie apocalypse or something.

Have fun working out!

Images: JurupaValleySchoolDistrict; Prevention; Local Cleaners

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