Don’t Get Cold Feet: Tips to Stay Fit During the Winter

Are you a Seasonal Fitness Enthusiast?

A SFE is a person that only goes to the gym after the holidays or before the summer. We’ve all been down this road before. We assume that we only need to go to the gym after special occasions where we drink and eat more than we are used to. We look for one excuse after another – busy work schedule, skipping meals, eating the occasional oatmeal – to avoid exercising regularly or watching what we eat the rest of the time. Now that most of the Northern Hemisphere is buried under 10 feet of snow, Seasonal Fitness Enthusiasts are on the prowl again.


Military Exercise

Telling your body that you’re going to run 10 kilometers while it’s -15 degrees out is both physically and mentally challenging. Who doesn’t want to stay in bed and cozy up with a glass of hot chocolate all day?

The key to working out during the winter is going slowly but surely. We’re pretty sure your first workout will convince you that this is a crazy idea. The thing is, your body can adjust to the temperature albeit slowly. Give yourself a chance to adjust to exercising in the cold by easing into your workout. For example, if you’re used to running a 10k, run an easy 5 on your first try in the cold.

Obviously, you’re going to have to tweak your workout gear too. Layering is the number one rule when dressing for the cold weather. You have to make sure that your body is well insulated but is able to breathe when you sweat.  There are jackets available that have zippers in the underarm and neck area you can open when you’re feeling stuffy. Make sure to cover your hands with mittens and sweat headbands to cover your ears to keep ‘em warm!


A few items to invest in:

  • A light weight, hooded windbreaker that can protect you from the cold and
  • Running shoes with good 
  • Long sleeved, high neck running tops that keep your chest and back warm. We love those  that come with extra long sleeves and 
  • Running bottoms made of synthetic 
  • Leave cotton undies at home to avoid ‘genital 
  • Choose brightly colored exercise apparel to account for snow glare and for running in low light weather.
  • After your workout, be sure to hydrate and change out of your clothes as soon as possible. You can get sick from remaining in cold clothing unnecessarily. Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and cozy up!

Don’t be a Seasonal Fitness Enthusiast…use these handy tips to keep exercising all year long!

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