It’s Time To Sweat Ladies! Exercise Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer in Post Menopausal Women

After puberty, menopause is second most difficult time in a woman’s life – at least hormonally speaking. It’s an understatement to say that hormones go haywire in the months leading to, during and even after menopause. As a result, women go through a terribly emotional, physical and mental rollercoaster all thanks to estrogen and progesterone. These hormonal changes also make women more susceptible to illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. In fact, over 95% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are above the age of 40 – around the time when hormonal changes due to menopause occur.


Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about stopping menopause. But, we can do something about other modifiable factors that may aid in the development of cancer such as excessive weight and a sedentary lifestyle. By concentrating on what we can change, we can lessen our risk of breast cancer!

Did you know that adapting a regular exercise routine can reduce your risk for developing breast cancer by as much as 20%? This is especially true for post menopausal women. Physical activity helps keep estrogen in check and boosts the immune system to better fight against cancer. The positive outlook and mood that results from exercise also helps give women undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer a better chance of survival.


The American Cancer Society recommends at least a150 minutes of physical activity per week to reduce the risk of cancer. Come to think of it, that’s about as long as a movie! Instead of watching two movies a week, spend the 150 minutes walking around your neighborhood. Time is easier to find when you go look for it.


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