Do Something ‘Major’ For Breast Cancer This October!

Runs and marathons are everywhere during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They’re one of the best ways to raise awareness and money because they’re popular among all ages and genders. This year, why don’t you do something a little more challenging by participating in a Trail Run? A Trail Run is definitely not your usual 5K – it’s for those who don’t mind getting a little muddy on the way to the finish line! It involves going through different kinds of terrain (hills, bodies of water, muddy trails, etc.) while negotiating through webs, crawling through tunnels and dodging paint balls. Now, doesn’t that sound like an awesome way to support breast cancer awareness?


Recently named the Best Trail Run in the United Kingdom, The Major Series has been a long-time supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. They have partnered with Breast Cancer Campaign to raise money for research and support for the past three years.


The Major Series is a trail run set 40 obstacles set up by former and current serving officers in British Army. Although it may sound intimidating being designed by military personnel and all, their website describes the course as “a friendly obstacle race” – which makes it perfect for any fun loving individual to join! But why stop there? Make it even more fun by inviting your friends and family to join you either the 5 or 10 kilometer racing events. Finishing the race with your office mates will surely strengthen your teamwork and strategizing skills as well. This is a great idea if you’re looking to find a way to show your support for breast cancer awareness this October.



We salute the organizers of this event for revolutionizing the way we raise money and advocacy for Breast Cancer Awareness!

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