Study Finds Link Between Exercise and Cancer Prevention

Unlike Estrogen and Progesterone, Irisin is a hormone we seldom hear about in the world of oncology.

Irisin, according to an article from Psychology Today is a hormone released after moderate endurance aerobic activity. It has the ability to help maintain healthy body weight, improve cognition, and slow the aging process. In addition, a study done by the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque showed that Irisin has the ability to reduce breast cancer cell activity.


The study, published in the International Journal of Cancer’s February issue, involved introducing genetically engineered Irisin to triple negative breast cancer cells. They divided the cells into three groups – Group A, normal cells treated with Irisin; Group B, malignant cells with Irisin and group C malignant cells with Irisin and the chemo drug doxorubicin.  The results were as follows:

  • Irisin had no effect on the cells in Group A.
  • There was a 34% reduction of malignant cells in Group B.
  • The cells absorbed less than normal amounts of Doxorubicin, but there was a greater amount of cancer cell death in Group C as compared to Groups A and B.


In summary, Irisin has been proven to slow down metastasis and can even be used as an adjunctive to chemotherapy. The results of this study will surely make a big impact on how we treat cancer today, especially on recommending moderate exercise as part of cancer treatment. Irisin may be the missing link between risk reduction and physical activity – the reason why women who exercise are known to decrease their chances of developing breast cancer by up to 40%.

So what do you think ladies? Shall we all take a good long walk today?

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