The Best Way To Get Couch Potatoes Off Couch

Convincing anyone to get off the couch is serious business. I mean, who would want to leave that soft, warm place where everything is within your reach?


A couch potato would need more than a little convincing before he or she can truly commit to an exercise routine. Fitness experts have recently shared a little motivational trick they use to inspire newbie health enthusiasts: Get in shape for somebody else. They say that keeping fit for the benefit of someone else motivates a person to commit to a routine or a goal.


The people behind Team in Training have proven this statement with over $1.3 Billion raised in the name of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Team in Training is a nationwide network of coaches that helps couch potatoes like us train for charitable sporting events such as marathons, centuries, hiking and triathlons.


Aside from the opportunity to help someone else achieve a healthier lifestyle, the volunteers of Team in Training are also passionate about finding a cure for the millions of people living with different kinds of leukemia and lymphoma. Here are a couple of interesting facts about these diseases:

–          Every four minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.

–          Every ten minutes, someone dies from the disease.

It’s not surprising why hundreds of volunteers are passionate about putting an end to blood cancers. With Team in Training they are doing much more than raise money for charity, they are also changing lives, one volunteer at a time using a selfless way to motivate and inspire. If you are looking to change your lifestyle, look into what Team in Training can do for you today.

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