Charity in Focus: Sweat for A Cause

Why do you sweat?

Do you sweat for health reasons? Exercise helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as reduces the risk for diabetes and some cancers. Some sweat for aesthetic reasons such as dropping pregnancy pounds or preparing for special events such as a wedding. Whatever the reason, the beneficiary of your hard work is usually none other but yourself. No matter how much we want to lose weight just by looking at other people working out, it just doesn’t work out that way.


However, the creators of Sweat for a Cause beg to differ. They say that apart from yourself, your favorite charity or cause can also reap the benefits of your efforts. Here’s how:

Haven’t you always thought that you’d have to be a big company or group to be able to organize fitness events for a cause? We certainly have… that is until we discovered Sweat for a Cause! Sweat for a Cause is a platform where you can join online fitness challenges created by everyday people like you to raise money for charity.  You are given two options once you enter their site: to join or create a fitness challenge fundraiser.

After signing up, you can get access to dozens of ongoing challenges across the country. Make your selection and choose up to 4 pre-set fitness challenges. The last step is to make a small donation towards the challenge cause and that’s it!

Challenges can last from one day to four weeks. Once you sign up for a workout, you can begin working on the challenges. You can update your fellow challengers about your progress on the board where you can also share tips and maybe even find someone in your area you can work out with.

If you want to raise money for something you’re passionate about, you can proceed to the Causes page to check if your charity is listed. Sweat for a Cause supports most charities as long as it is a certified 501c(3) organization. Creating your own challenge involves filling out a form and indicating the start date, duration and type of work outs involved. The next step is to get your friends, family, workmates and neighbors to take you up on your challenge and help out at the same time.

Sweat for a cause will donate 90% of the proceeds to your charity while 10% will be used to cover administrative costs. They will write the check exactly 2 weeks from the challenge’s completion.Now, we can incorporate a good cause while working out for our own benefit thanks to Sweat for a Cause!

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