The Right Tools for the Job: Sweat Equipment

Have you ever tried to remove a Phillips screw using a ruler or scissors?

Using the wrong tools for the job is both time consuming and a threat to safety… so why do we continuously do it? The honest answer is that we are simply too lazy to get up and look for the right tool because taking a risk with the ruler seems to outweigh the pain of going through your disorganized toolbox.


This principle is also applicable when it comes to using the correct equipment for sports. We often think that we can effectively exercise without the over-priced equipment sporting goods stores tell us we need to stay fit. You’re right to a certain extent – we don’t need most of them, but we do need some of them to get the most out of our efforts. For example, having 10 different running shorts or the latest pairs of shoes won’t make a difference if you don’t get up and run in the first place. Here’s a list of our must haves – no matter what kind of sport entices you to sweat:

  1. Sweat Proof Sunblock – There are literally dozens of sunblocks available on the market and we understand how daunting it might be for you to go through all of them. The only thing you should remember is to pick something that says Broad Spectrum (this ensures that you’re protected from both UVA and UVB rays) and has at least a 15 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating. Apply liberally.
  2. The Right Apparel – Set aside a budget to buy the exercise apparel you need. We won’t lie to you – your pocket will feel the burn on this one. If you’re new to this working out thing, you should only buy what you need to work out once or twice a week. Two pairs of each of these should suffice – shirts/singlet, sports bra or support gear, shorts/pants and a pair of well fitting shoes. Apparel made from cotton is definitely cheaper – but since you’re going to shell out money anyway, we recommend getting made from performance oriented fabrics. These items are designed to help you sweat more and do more during your workouts by allowing your body to breathe, giving you UV protection and not taking on weight as you sweat. Light colored fabrics absorb are effective in reflecting the sun’s heat but provide little protection against UV rays compared to dark colored apparel.
  3. The Right Accessories – If you do sweat more than most people, you can avail of sweatbands for your head or arms. There are also a number of hydration systems available in the market – belts, bottles, packs etc. Buy what’s most convenient for you.


Plain Sweat Wristbands

Whatever type of sport or exercise routine you like, these items are definitely must haves! Have fun sweating!

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