Sweat GUTR Headbands = AMAZINGNESS!

Sweat GUTR headbands are not just your ordinary sweatbands. Its patented MicroLip design keeps sweat from your eyes or glasses during a strenuous activity. You could say that this is a more high-tech approach to ensure that athletes get to focus on what they do best instead of worrying about sweating too much.

If you think about it, the idea behind Sweat GUTR is really simple. Instead of using absorbent fabric to contain sweat and keep it from the face, Sweat GUTR is made of rubberized silicone that has a “gutter”, hence, the name. The design literally channels sweat dripping from the top of the head to the sides of the face.

Sweat GUTR improves the wearer’s vision while doing something important. You could only imagine the relief it could provide someone who’s working all day at a construction site, soaked in a hot weather. The latter would either irritate the eyes or fog the eye-wear.

Aside from its clever technology, Sweat GUTR is also preferred by many because it’s very comfortable to wear. It is made from lightweight material that keeps out too much heat unlike most fabrics used in headbands and bandannas available in the market today.

You can find Sweat GUTR in most sports apparel stores but if you prefer to shop online, the Suddora online boutique carries the line, too.

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