Should You Wear Headbands During Yoga?

Since yoga doesn’t involve flashy movements and its practitioners don’t look as active as other athletes during a normal yoga session, there is a tendency for people to think that wearing a yoga headband is not important, and that a sweatband for yoga practice is just for show. However, there are a number of reasons why these accessories are a great help to yogis.

First, yoga is a physically demanding art, and you will sweat a lot—make no mistake about it. You can bring a towel, but towels are obtrusive and you’re not likely to have any free hands available for handling a towel while you’re in the middle of a form or a pose. If you want something to absorb your perspiration and prevent it from causing slippage, a yoga headband is perfect. Additionally, yoga headbands are in the ideal position to catch sweat coming from the head, preventing it from reaching the eyes (which is not only painful but also dangerous if you’re in the middle of a difficult pose).

Second benefit of wearing a yoga headband is for women or men with long locks. A sweatband for yoga practice will keep your hair off of your forehead and out of your eyes. This is especially useful for people with hair that’s long enough to be troublesome, but too short to actually tie back.

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