Tame Your Tresses! The Top 4 Hair Accessories For Your Work Out

My biggest pet peeve when working out is hair. Yep, you read that right – bad hair accessories ruin things for me in the gym.  You know those little pieces that are soaked in sweat that stick to your neck and face? Or scrunchies that come loose the second you start getting into the groove of the Zumba workout? Yeah, I hate it when these things happen.

That may sound like something that a spoiled child would say, but hear me out first. Keeping your focus is the key to executing safe and effective movement while working out. Constant interruptions can result to reckless movements can lead to bodily injury; this is why it is important to avoid distractions during workouts.

How I wish I’d look while working out:

How I really look:

How I really look.

A hair accessory that comes apart or can’t hold hair down is an example of a distraction. Women have to constantly readjust their head bands or scrunchies while on the treadmill or following a routine because it gets in the way. I’ve recently discovered some hair accessories that helped me keep my hair under control during a workout. Here they are:

Slide Proof Clips by Goody


These slide proof clips by Goody are a real heaven sent for people who have fly aways, baby hairs or layers that just won’t stay put! They’re made with a rubber attachment that ensures your style will stay on point no matter how rigorous the workout gets. I use them to keep my bangs out of my face as well.

Non-Slip Headbands



womens_non_slip_custom_headbands (1)

If you have short hair or don’t want to carry a lot of hair clips around, then non-slip head bands are for you. They take care of your bangs and baby hair in just one neat sweep and come in a variety of colors and styles as well. This favorite from Lululemon is made from quick dry fabric that helps keep you cool during your workout.

Snag Free Hair Elastics


If you’re keen on styling your hair but don’t want to damage it, buy a pack of snag free elastics. They won’t tangle, pull or damage your hair and are guaranteed to ‘glide’ off and return to its original shape and form unlike common elastics that aren’t reusable or are easily broken.

Non-Slip Hair Ties


Say goodbye to your scrunchie and say hello to this non-slip neon beauty! Made from soft and stretchy material that accommodates all hair types, these hair ties that will keep your ponytail in place without making those annoying ponytail marks.

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