Our Top Tips on How To Effectively Say Goodbye to Holiday Weight

Just like that, the holidays are over. We have a brand new year ahead of us – full of new hope and a refreshed thirst for adventure. Naturally, we want to be the better version of ourselves for the New Year and we hope to leave all of the negative vibes with the year that has passed. Certainly, one of the things nobody wants to bring with them into this transition is the extra weight we all gained during the Holidays.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating with our friends and family, but over indulging can have serious effects on your health if done more often than necessary. The real challenge is how to tell our bodies “The fun’s over; we need to talk.”  We have several tips and tricks that easy to remember and follow to help you out:

  1. Be realistic and consistent.  You’ve gained an insane amount of weight in a matter of days. Unfortunately, it’s going to take months of discipline to get rid of it. No wonder diet or exercise program will make the weight go away and stay away. It’s going to take discipline on your part so be ready! Set realistic goals that you can actually follow – reduce your soda intake, run an extra 30 minutes a week, etc. Take small, consistent steps!goal-setting-101
  2. Drink more water – This is probably the simplest, most effective way to lose weight. Drinking a glass of water before a meal will help you feel full and eat less. Water can also help flush out all the extra toxins that have accumulated during the holidays.  glass-of-water
  3. Eat more frequently. I know what you’re thinking – How can I lose weight by eating more? The trick is to eat smarter! Small frequent feedings keep your metabolism going all day which helps your body burn more calories. Munch on fruits, veggie sticks or yogurt in between big meals. Frequent-Eating-Myth-Debunked
  4. Dine Smart – Food sustains life and it is also meant to be enjoyed. When you are dining out, you can eat half of the meal for dinner and enjoy it again for lunch the following day. This is not only for economical reasons; you also get to enjoy your favorite dish twice! tgtw
  5. Sweat anyway you can– We all have this idea that to be fit, we need to work out like the people on television. Just like the small frequent feedings, small activities can help you lose weight. Walking the last few blocks home, using the stairs, or taking long walks/runs along your most favorite part of the neighborhood are some good examples.  If you want to join a class but you’re not sure which to take, why not take them all? Most gyms offer first timers free tryouts of their classes – take advantage of the opportunity! Sweat and  Exercise
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